Why me?

Looking for more information about me before asking me to join your adventure? I don’t blame you! 

I was born at the base hospital on MacDill Air Force Base (my Papaw was a Crew Chief) and my love for Tampa continues from there. I spent my first 10 years not far from my birthplace; until my family relocated to the place I now consider home—Brandon. As I grew, so did Brandon. I still call the section of the mall with the restaurants “the new part” and take pride in knowing what it was like to forget that Gornto Lake didn’t go all the way up to 60. 

So, I’m a native—that’s not typical—but you still don’t know why I chose Real Estate. always knew I was destined to help people. I have the ability to empathize with others that sometimes makes it difficult to watch movies. Grand Torino, anyone?! Needless to say, I thrive off of making other people happy. While at a family birthday party awhile back, I was baffled that out of the five women talking around the chips and dips, none of them had a positive comment to make about their home buying experience. I heard things like “I finally got tired of looking, so we are stuck in this place for a few more years before the search is on AGAIN.” Or, “I just needed something quick, so I took the first thing I saw.” Buying a house shouldn’t be like this! Sure, not everything is going to be roses and butterflies, but it is my job as your realtor to at least make everything smell good! I realized then that there was a need for realtors whose number one priority was to ensure that your experience is pleasant. 

As a former teacher, I know how to take information and decipher the things that you need to know to make informed decisions. Cliff Notes, if you will. I spent every day for almost three years dealing with over one hundred different personalities (teenagers!!) on a daily basis which taught me (well, reemphasized) that all people have worth. It humbled me. This humility allows me to admit when I am unsure of something and find the correct answer, instead of just appeasing you in the moment. I will always be an educator, but now I have the pleasure of educating you on how the home buying/selling process should be handled

Along with the skills I have gained as a teacher, being the mother of two young children has given me the innate ability to multitask. Looking to sell and buy? No problem! Trying to decide between settling down in two areas? I’ve got you covered! My kids have also taught me that through every storm, there is a silver lining. While the process of buying or selling a home may get overwhelming at times, I am here to man the sails and bring the ship to safety.